King Shaka: Zulu Legend

Shaka’s story continues in 2019 with King Shaka: Zulu Legend, the next edition of the African Graphic Novel Series.

Shaka has fought his brother to the death for rulership of the Zulu. Now king of the southern chiefdoms, Shaka seeks to uplift his people, consolidate alliances, and expand the reach of his power, but challenges both external and internal threaten his rule. A rogue military unit exacts revenge on its enemies. Land-hungry Europeans arrive and ingratiate themselves with Shaka, even while plotting their own path to power. And closer to home, Shaka’s own brothers conspire in secret.

Luke Molver is a graphic novelist whose world is fueled by the art of storytelling.

Release date: Out now Southern Africa (South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana); October 2019 North America.

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Praise for King Shaka

King Shaka: Zulu Legend stays as close as reasonably possible to what is empirically known about Shaka, his allies, his rivals, and his enemies, in spite of limited, incomplete, and often biased primary sources from the era. An extensive “The Story Continues” postscript teaches the reader more about Zulu history and culture from Shaka’s time. King Shaka: Zulu Legend is an exciting read about a strong-willed ruler who faced enormous challenges, and thoroughly engrossing from cover to cover. Highly recommended, as is the previous graphic novel in this two-part series, Shaka Rising.” —Midwest Book Review

“Authentically enlightening and entertaining.” —Kirkus Reviews